Expose your primal self October 7, 2023
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The VIP Experience!

Get ready to elevate your OURFest celebration and immerse yourself in the most fabulous way possible! Become an official Jungle VIP and unlock a world of exclusive perks and privileges. Here’s a taste of what awaits you:

  • πŸš€ Fast Pass – Say goodbye to those tedious lines! With our VIP Fast Pass, you’ll stroll right into the party like the true royalty you are! Start your night off right, and let the primal fun begin!
  • 🍸 Free Drinks – Quench your thirst in style with a complimentary drink, courtesy of our fabulous sponsor! It’s time to get your party on with the finest spirits around.
  • πŸ§₯ Clothes Check – Keep your outfits safe and sound with our private, complimentary VIP Clothes Check. No more waiting in line with the masses – you deserve the best!
  • πŸ‘‘ VIP Space – Elevate your experience even further in our exclusive VIP space, boasting a prime view of the dancefloor. Enjoy the luxury and privacy you deserve while still being in the heart of the action!
  • 🎁 Swag Bag – We always give you something to remember us by. Wait until you see what we have this year!

Are you ready to unleash your inner VIP? Join us at Welcome to the Jungle and make this OURFest the most unforgettable experience of your life!Β Β 

Las Bibas From Vizcaya

Las Bibas From Vizcaya, the first Brazilian drag DJ, singer, musician, and music producer, has been an influential force in the LGBTQI+ music scene for over twenty-five years. Known for her high-energy, performative sets filled with her own remixed club hits, Las Bibas From Vizcaya has DJ’d at renowned danceclubs and events around Brazil, including The Week Brazil, Acquaplay, and numerous Gay Pride celebrations. With over thirty official releases across various digital platforms, an album mentioned by TIME OUT magazine, and a wildly successful podcast, Las Bibas From Vizcaya has also proven her prowess in music production and performance. Her YouTube channel currently boasts over six million views, and her eclectic blend of house, tribal, funk, and pop has solidified her as a major player in the worldwide dance music scene.

Beyond the DJ booth, Las Bibas From Vizcaya is all about fun, laughter, and embracing the fabulousness of the gay community and culture. With lyrics that celebrate everything from drag, men, and parties to outrageous personas and looks, her music serves as an unapologetic tribute to the vibrant, diverse world she inhabits. Collaborating with talented guest vocalists and always pushing the envelope.

Opener: DJ Jace M

DJ Jace M is a highly skilled and experienced DJ with a remarkable ability to move crowds with his infectious beats and expert song selection. With two decades of experience in the club circuit, he has perfected the art of creating the perfect atmosphere on the dance floor. DJ Jace M’s deep love for music is the driving force behind his DJ career, and whether he’s listening to music, composing his own tracks, or performing for enthusiastic club-goers, his passion for music is palpable.

Circuit Mom

Our esteemed Co-host for the evening!

Circuit Mom is a drag persona, artist manager, DJ, event producer and peace keeper who has been hosting some of the biggest and best gay parties in Chicago for 25 years. She is the founder of CircuitMOM Productions, which organizes spectacular events such as Market Days Weekend, Love Revolution, Resist and more. She is also a multi-faceted dog mom to Rondo Blondo. With her fabulous costumes, stunning stage shows, amazing DJs and sexy dancers, Circuit Mom always delivers a fun and unforgettable experience for her loyal fans and newcomers alike. She is the ultimate party mom who knows how to make everyone feel welcome and happy.

Andrew Christian

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Leopard Swim Boykini
Gold Fringe Harness
Leopard Ring Bikini
Leopard Mesh Brief

The Venue :: Concourse

1635, Back Entrance, Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Welcome to the hottest night club in Philadelphia, Concourse! This underground bar is the place to be for a night of wild fun and unforgettable experiences. With multiple rooms to explore, you’ll find yourself dancing on the massive dance floor with our go-go dancers in cages, feeling the heat of the music as you lose yourself in the moment.

But that’s not all – our ice room will cool you down with frozen drinks and treats. And don’t forget the ball pit – it’s the perfect place to let loose and play like a kid again.

Want to take things to the next level? Head up to our second floor space to overlook the dance floor and get a better view of all the action. This is not just the hottest event of the year, it’s the ultimate party experience. Come join us at Concourse and let’s make unforgettable memories together!

Doors at 9pm

Opulence :: Philly Pride Party

Come celebrate at Philadelphia’s biggest Pride Party ever. Be a party of history!