DJ Nick Stracener

Dallas, TX

DJ Nick Stracener, who many already know as an influencer in the LGBT community, is also a classically trained musician with his finger on the pulse of the current circuit club scene. From gogo dancing to promoting, Nick has lived the scene from every angle. Passionate about sound, DJ Nick Stracener has several creative lenses he filters his music through, combining indigenous rhythms with sultry female vocals. Performing with an energetic flair that’s addictive as it is therapeutic, Nick Stracener is a musical medicine man. His uplifting sound is self-care shared, offering listeners with a remedy for life’s daily grind, coupled with a holistic grinding of his own. Don’t get your turntables twisted. He may look like a musclebound meathead, but fans know Nick takes his art more seriously than himself, a trait his 187k Instagram followers love about him. -Come for the muscle, stay for the music.


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